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The ERIAFF Conference 2014 on

SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS - Multi-actor co-operation to foster new competitiveness for Europe

June 10-12, 2014
Seinäjoki, Finland

Taking up the initiative of the European Commission on innovative partnerships to link various actors, ideas and initiatives around Europe, the ERIAFF network (European Regions for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry) focuses on moving the regions towards a better coordinated multi-actor co-operation between its regions within the agriculture, food and forestry sectors. At the core is to create innovative actions for the growth and sustainability of the sector. 

The focus of this conference aligns with the overall targets of the ERIAFF network: the conference aims to connect stakeholders from various sectors around project, research and business ideas. A special emphasis is on how to encourage SMEs to take part in the international activities in the sustainable food sector. The selected theme is Sustainabel Food Systems, which stresses that innovation should happen all along the whole Agri-food Chain. 

The conference takes a foresight to the future and aims to have an input to the European, national and regional policies in order to create a cooperation that meets the actual, bottom-up needs that arise from the various actors in the chain of sustainable food systems. Sustainable food systems combine biological, technical and ecological food production processes, economic and political administration, regulation processes and social and cultural processes as well. It consist of entities formed by food production, processing, logistics, marketing, sales, consumption, effects on wellbeing and utilisation of byproducts as well as related operators, chains and networks. Food systems include flow of funds and substances, technology, work and activities, physical environments as well as people and their know-how. 

The conference is without a participation fee. 

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