ERIAFF Network

Main objective of the ERIAFF (European Regions for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry) Network is

  • to improve the performance of the EIP network itself by acting as facilitatiors of information flow and links between stakeholders across their territories as well as actorss the European Union, and 
  • to develop interretional Operation Groups which are already linked by common priorities and goals.
The ERIAFF Region are committed to
  • allocate a high level of resources on Rural Development measures linked with innovative actions, allowing the best take up from the wokr of the Operational Groups,
  • select common innovation priorities and act as promoters of close collaborations among their Operational Groups and other Regional Stakeholders, and 
  • promote and support an European Research Infrastructure for Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing Environment (SACE), which was submitted as a proposal during the European Commission consultation of October 2012.
At the moment there are 30 member regions and 19  observer regions in the ERIAFF Network. 

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