Welcome to Seinäjoki

Do you want to see the land of the midnight sun? Welcome to Finland and to Seinäjoki! The midnight sun can make going to sleep a bit harder but a good tip is to use curtains and blinds of your hotel room.  

Welcome to Seinäjoki -brochure includes information about how to access Seinäjoki, conference hotels, and many other things. You can download the brochure from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1t0er7ijon7yrw/WelcomeToSeinajoki.pdf.

Get acquainted with the uniqueness in Seinäjoki region “KOMIA”! See region’s appeal factors and strong development (LINK). By the way, the word “KOMIA” is Ostrobothnian dialect and means “a little better than what others possess, attractive and great” – this is what sets the Seinäjoki region apart from the rest!


Seinäjoki region: 

Weather in Seinäjoki

Other events and actions during the ERIAFF Conference: (LINK)

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