"Green Growth  & Industrial Symbiose: Case Satakunta/Honkajoki, Kirkkokallio", Tuesday 10.6.2014
    • A unique pilot has emerged from cooperation among a cluster of companies in Satakunta region. Actors in the food industry and agriculture in the Kirkkokallio, Honkajoki area form a close-knit local system where water, nutrients and energy circulate in different production facilities Companies and agriculture exist in a symbiosis where they make use of each other's side products. Industrial environmental engineering enables the improvement of the eco-efficiency of local economy clusters.
    • "For example, companies in the area make use of closed cultivation systems. We are currently exploring opportunities to make use of different renewable energy sources in a diverse way. " Hannu Uusihonko, CEO, FP Food Park Oy
    • Watch Youtube video (LINK
    How to get there?
    • Select a flight at Tuesday 10.06.2014 to Pori via Helsinki or Stockholm. We´ll meet you at the Pori airport and from Pori there is a shuttle bus to Honkajoki at 2 p.m. At Honkajoki we´ll visit the Kirkkokallio and then continue to travel by bus to the Seinäjoki Conference Get Together Party.
    • Flights: Air100 flight EB404 from Helsinki (1 p.m.) to Pori (1:34 p.m.) (LINKor NextJet flight 2N0491 from Stockholm (8:45 a.m.) to Pori (10:40 a.m.) (LINK)
    How to get back?

    • Take a train from Seinäjoki to Helsinki.

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